Assessment #4

Get freedom from spiritual objects/implants, bloodline iniquity, synthetic kingdoms, and also from evil councils.
Do you believe yourself to be a Targeted Individual or the recipient of Gang-stalking?
Please describe the spiritual object that you believe is afflicting you. Example: spears, arrows, wires, blindfolds, or torture devices.
Please use the table below to check any last names (or surnames) that are in your family tree. Read each one out loud and give yourself a few seconds to discern if that name applies to you before reading the next one. Check any names that give you an uneasy feeling, or make you feel dizzy, light-headed, or nauseas.
Please use the table below to check any non-human bloodlines that give you an uneasy feeling, or make you feel dizzy, light-headed, or nauseas. Read each one out loud and give yourself a few seconds to discern if it is a bondage to your before reading the next name out loud.
Please work through the following List of Evil Councils and check every one that causes you to feel dizzy, uncomfortable, sick, or light-headed. This list is not all inclusive, so if the Holy Spirit reveals to you a council not listed below, make note of it.
Councils of 13
Other Councils
Luminary Councils
Synthetic Councils
Alien Group Councils
Occult Councils
Earth Councils
Military Base Councils
Do you suffer from odd and unexplainable reactions to Smart phones, smart tvs, laptops, or other devices, manipulation through the technology around you or that is being used in your vicinity, or do you have memories of programming sessions involving computers, high technology, injections, and torture paired with high level demonology? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, please indicate below, otherwise, check no.
Congratulations! You completed this assessment!

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This assessment is intended to provide you with personalized deliverance recommendations. Your information is not sold or used for any other purposes. Please try to be as honest as you can, so that we can provide the most accurate and helpful recommendations for you.

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