When it comes to surface-level deliverance, we employ a simple 5-step process to getting people free. These five steps are 1.) Confess, 2.) Repent, 3.) Renounce, 4.) Bind, and 5.) Cast Out. The basic idea is that the enemy can attack our mind, will, and emotions, and under certain circumstances, can even afflict our spirit. In addition, he can use fear, trauma, negative experiences, and so forth, to program our hearts according to his paradigms. He truly stops at nothing to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). When Jesus became a curse for us, he purchased the right for us to be completely free of all curses. This grants provision for freedom, but we must receive his provision by faith. The reality of our freedom exists with God, but this reality must be enforced before it truly impacts our lives.

Use the video below to walk through this process with Dan Duval. Before pressing play you MUST SPEAK OUTLOUD the list of sins and bondages that you want to receive freedom from. It is recommended that for long-standing sins and bondages, you go through them one at a time. This means that you may need to play this video repeatedly. If you can handle it, you can name a list of sins and then press play. If you don’t know what you need freedom from, please work through Assessment 1 before going through this resource.

Prayer Audio:

The Prayer:

Father God, I come before you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ because your word says if we confess our sins, you are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I confess that I have (harbored/engaged in/committed) ____________________. I repent for ______________________ and I receive your grace to not turn back. I renounce ______________________ and break all agreement with it, its fruit, its children, and its presence in my life. I now bind in chains and fetters of iron every evil spirit that has been at work in and around my life because of what I have renounced. I declare that you are severed from my life, fired, and escorted to wherever the True Lord Jesus Christ sends you. Now get out! I speak that any spirits attempting to linger or resist removal are now brutally assaulted with the sword of the Lord, arrows, the hot thunderbolt of God, hailstones, tsunamis of living water, engines of war, trampling by the war horses of heaven, instruments of war, instruments of death, and the all-consuming fire of God until you relinquish your positions in and around my life. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for setting me free.

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36 Responses

  1. My list was pretty long. Is it possible for you guys to send back the list to read we clicked underneath so we can pray each word out we clicked?

    1. I took a photo snapshot of my list before leaving my email page. That way I could just access my personal sin list in my photos library. Just a suggestion until they update their end

    2. Copy paste
      I put it in my texts and then switched over to texts and read it outloud at appropriate time and switched back to my email to do the prayer with Daniel.

  2. This was wonderful! Thank you so much for all of the resources you make available to us!!
    May GOD continue to bless you and your ministry to educate and set free the captives!!!✝️????????❣️

  3. So.. some things on my list were things I had no control over as a child.. like molestation…. and the resulting soul fragmentation, compulsive behavior, emotional pain Etc… in addition to things like forgetfulness, tiredness, weakness, Infirmity.. Yet this prayer leads us to confess them, repent for them… This doesn’t make sense to me..

    How do you confess/repent for molestation? I was too young to consent… and how do you repent for forgetfulness etc when I’ve got no control over Those things either?

    I would sure love it and appreciate if someone could give me some clarity on these things?

    1. You can forgive the offender for fill in the blank. This prayer is specific for sins committed by us, but done to us. To get healing and deliverance because of what was done to you can take time with someone who knows what they are doing to minister the healing power of Jesus to those places

    2. Amanda Buys – Captive Spirit part 1-3 on YouTube will enlighten you.

      It’s not about repenting for what someone did to you, but for what came after that… inner vows to not choose life. Like dissociation, addictions, depression, etc… Which is the side effects… Also sounds justifiable, but the point is, it’s repenting for NOT choosing life, self-abandonment, etc. These things have allowed Satan legal ground and therefore disperses our fragmented parts into pits, places of captivity… repenting allows us to gather up our parts and reconcile them.

      So if you chose to be self destructive with addictions, then confess and repent.

      It’s the secondary circumstances that emerged from the primary circumstance (molestation) that needs confessing and repentance.

      Are you angry… with God, the perpetrator, your parents, yourself? Confess, repent, forgive.

      It sounds a little much, but it’s about choosing spiritual death… Not your fault, but everything we think and do from age 12 is on us.

      1. Do you think it is a sin if she is angry? Constantly turning towards God is good, constantly repenting is good. It doesn’t mean the anger disappears.

      2. Do you think it is a sin if she is angry? Constantly turning towards God is good, constantly repenting is good. It doesn’t mean the anger disappears. Also anger doesn’t necessarily mean lacking forgiveness.

      3. Hi its bcuz spirits can enter into you from that person. I needed deliverance for same thing. By repenting and renouncing you are coming out of agreement so it can be cast out of you. God bless you

    3. Although you were the victim in that situation you still were a participant (unwilling) in the act which may have opened the door to bitterness unforgiveness lust and sexual perversion

    4. I’m sorry that you had to go through that as a child and I can completely relate because I had also gone through that. When it comes to those things, what you want to do is is declare that you forgive each person who did harm to you – I would recommend speaking their name out when you do – then after you’ve done that, declare verbally that you break agreement with victimhood and molestation and any other words that you describe the someone had done to you and then command them to go, in Jesus’ name. I did that and it worked for me!

      1. …After you have broken agreement with those things, then you should begin praising and thanking the Lord for that freedom. Ask him to heal your wounds and close any doors that had been opened for Spiritual attack as a result of those. That’s how you handle that! God Bless 🙏

    5. I just filled it out too. I still dont understand repentance…. in terms of behaviors and habits. I cant make an oath to God on something and simply break it. How for example can an addict make an oath to stop?
      I seriously am confused about repentence.

    6. I too was molested as a child. The trauma that took place opened a doorway for demonic bondage. When we repent we close that doorway. I know it wasn’t our fault, but we repent of the open door and close it. I hope that helps.

  4. To formally do this even after successful counselling sessions was a definite step of personal responsibility, and taking a screen shot of the list and pasting it into my electronic diary memorializes this action adding immense weight to the decisions and drawing a line over which there is greater weight to trust The Lord and turn to Him quickly and become a tangible overcomer. Thank You Lord for leading Dan to provide this resource

  5. I now pray about everything, before I answer my phone, open my mail, before I travel or simply driving to work and this has helped me as well with your prayers. I include God in all my prayers! Amen

  6. Im new to this- I want to start deliverance and went to deliverance 101 and clicked on Assessment 1 and it just brings me to the prayer audio- there are no questions or anything that pops up so I can do the assessment before the prayer….what should I do?

    1. Hi Lydia,

      If you wanted to get started with Assessment 1, you can go to the home page and go to “Take the Assessment”. This will take you to all the assessments. If you want to go to a specific prayer, from the home page you can go to “See All Prayers”, this takes you to see more prayers. If you don’t see the prayer you’re looking for you can always click “More Posts” near the bottom of the page. Hopefully this helps 🙂

  7. I was confused about the list, especially because I’ve been trying to work through a lot of self deliverance myself over the past few years…some of the things I put are mostly resolved, residual, and stuff I’m not 100% certain of. Then there are things I seriously struggled with, some for the majority of my life, which are either gone, mostly gone, or partly gone – I felt like I should put them, though technically I think I may have been delivered from them . I was a bit inconsistent with what I put it on the list (confusion & double mindedness not a mistake though clearly). I’m wondering whether I should redo it? Is it best to err on the side of caution and just put everything past and present that I think is or was an issue, regardless of to what degree?

    1. Hello A,

      I recommend condensing your list of what sins & bondages to add as you pray, after you have/feel peace over that sin or bondage being resolved. Blessings! 🙂

  8. What if out list is so long we don’t really know what’s causing the “attacks”? I mean nicotine or caffeine really? I never noticed attacks for 30 plus years so I don’t know exactly what my sin is or if it could be a type of mental illness just imagining demons coming in. That thought alone gives me anxiety! Some folks say we are our own worst enemy so how do I know a part of my mind may be sick from focusing on this scary stuff all the time vs a cause of sin? It’s a lot to think about.

    1. If our issues are certain addictions -we can go thru the steps but I know Im not ready to give up some of those addictions unless the Lord delivers me. I can’t just renounce & stop. So What would you recommend? I can cut down & try to wean off certain things. I just want relief from the demonic or weird sensations I’m feeling & how best to go about it. Thanks

  9. My list was long but I wrote each one out as a reference, Im happy that there is deliverance teaching readily available for everyone and will be sharing with my close friends so they too can be delivered amen!

  10. I need deliverance from Pharmakia. It is causing me pain and anxiety. Any suggestions as to prayers that can help me?

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